How It Works

TO RENT: Simply click the date range(s) for your rental to check for availability, place the rental unit in the cart, enter your jobsite address, payment info, read and review the rental agreement as well as "how to" videos that are attached. For Crete's Sake will be in contact to confirm the delivery details.

TO PURCHASE: Simply click "buy", and add the mud mixer to the cart. Unfortunately at this time, you'll have to input a fake "rental" date for the purchase. Enter your information and For Crete's Sake will reach out to arrange delivery. **Currently For Crete's Sake only offers shipping in select areas. We offer free assembly and delivery within the Cincinnati/Dayton OH area only. If you're interested in having a Mud Mixer shipped, reach out to us and we'll provide a shipping quote.

Getting Started

The MudMixer will be delivered fully assembled and ready to use.  Just attach your garden hose and turn on the water at the source.  Plug in the machine.

Mix and Pour Your Concrete

Place the bag of concrete mix on top of the hopper.  The built-in bag opener will help you open the bag and get the mix into the machine. Flip the switch and use the knob to adjust the water to get your desired consistency. Use the swivel feature to pour the concrete exactly where you need it, adjusting the water knob as needed to maintain the desired texture.  Add more bags of mix to the hopper as needed.  

Finishing Up

When you've mixed your last bag of concrete, let the machine run for an additional 30 seconds.  Turn the water knob to Off.  It will take less than 10 minutes to do the final clean up.  Hose off the exterior of the machine.  Remove the covers of the hopper and chute, and hose them down and then use the hose to spray out the hopper and chute.  Sit back and relax!  Your work is done.  We'll be by to pick up the MudMixer soon.