DIY Concrete Rental Equipment- DELIVERED to your job site!!

Compact, mobile, easy to use and clean. The best part? DELIVERED to your job site so you can stay focused on the JOB. ** Delivery is free in Warren County OH, $2 per mile outside of Warren County, OH.

Featuring MudMixer- the multi-use mixer

- Pour 40- 80 lb bags of concrete (that's nearly a cubic yard!) in just 1 HOUR

- Fast, easy, compact, and portable. PERFECT for landscapers, fence companies, plumbers, homeowners, and anyone looking for a better way to pour concrete

Rental Equipment

About Us

For Crete’s Sake concrete mixer rentals was created out of our need for an affordable option for DIY'ers as well as tradesman for small to medium sized concrete projects. Whether you’re a landscaper, plumber, fence builder, or DIYer, For Crete’s Sake has you covered! The best part, we have DELIVERY available to and from your job site so you can stay focused on the JOB! (free delivery within Warren County OH only, $2 per mile thereafter)

Questions? We'd love to hear from you! (513)966-0504

For Sales info: [email protected]

For Rental info: [email protected]

General info:[email protected]


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