MudMixer (weekend)


Take advance of our weekend special!  Rent a MudMixer from Friday at 3 PM and keep it until Sunday 5PM- for only $175*!

The MudMixer® is the fastest, easiest, multi-use mixer on the market.

  • Electric drivetrain has the ability to chew through over 40+ 80lb bags an hour.
  • Revolutionary fully-adjustable water input designed to be used with concrete, mortar, stucco mix, poolkrete, and much more.
  • Turn 3-4 man jobs into 1 man jobs.
  • Put an end to "too soupy" or "too dry" mixes.
  • Cut your workload by more than half.
  • No more batch mixing with MudMixer's continuous mixing technology.

*Plus taxes and fees, when applicable